Terrible realization

To the Editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the individual who did the layout of your opinion page in the July 4th edition. The irony of placing Michael Reagan's piece about the failure of the public school systems with the letter to the editor 'For the Dogs' was not wasted and incited a few laughs.

While humorous it also sparked a terrible realization that no child left behind means all children get pushed through the system, instead of being given the assistance they need to become educated. It took me twice as long to read 'For the Dogs' than it did to read Mr. Reagan's, solely because I had to stop and determine what the author was trying to say. As I tried to decode the letter it dawned on me that without my sophomore English teacher, Mary Beaudin, I could very well have been the one writing the letter.

With that I would like to thank Mrs. Beaudin. It is not to say that I did not like my other teachers, quite the opposite actually, but she was certainly the toughest (well except maybe Mrs. Greenwood and Chemistry). I hated writing in cursive (anything handwritten would not be accepted otherwise). I despised those 20 weekly vocabulary words (any of which could be one of the 100 on the final). I was panic stricken to learn that the first assignment (a memorization) would be on the final. Yet whenever I needed help Mrs. Beaudin never let me go until I understood. She never brushed someone who wanted to learn and needed extra attention aside, instead she would use props: a pen fight and climbing out of the recycle bin to make Macbeth easier to understand, or go over Beowulf until she was blue in the face from explaining it, just to make sure that a student who just didn't understand could pass the test. Sure she made me and everyone else work hard but in the end it felt great to pass. Now it feels good to know that I can be understood in a professional setting and present myself clearly, in writing or verbally.


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