Thank You?

To the Editor:

Thank You President Biden and your Democratic Team.

Thank you for:

Gas prices that up over 50% from a year ago and rising;

Meat prices up 10% and rising;

Some food prices up over 50%;

Heating oil projected to double and already up 60 cents a gallon;

The worst inflation in decades-and not expected to abate until at least 2023;

Unemployment rates twice their level from a year ago;

Empty store shelves;

A total breakdown of the supply chain- ports, unloading, storage space and trucks;

20,000 illegal immigrants a month;

Small businesses forced to close (including here);

Totally destroying the work ethic in this country by giving money to people for nothing;

Proposing $450,000 payments to illegals who were temporally separated from their kids. This is more than the payments to families of the victims of the World Trade Center attacks;

Proposing that illegals can vote in our elections, giving them money upon arrival, and free health care;

5,000 incidents of in-flight violence and disruptions this year;

Areas of our cities so lawless and dangerous that businesses are fleeing the state;

Encouraging family members to rat on their brethren (this is pure communism);

Sending the FBI to “monitor” and intimidate VA parents who oppose schools teaching CRT and inappropriate sexual topics;

Proposing that the Federal Government have access to your bank accounts including balances, withdrawals, deposits, etc. Big Brother wants your money;

Refusing to stand up to China, Iran and North Korea.

All of this in 10 months. We’ll be fortunate to withstand three more years!

Ron Willoughby

North Haverhill, N. H.


(2) comments

Judith Patoine

I see a hint that finally the "woke" are becoming "awoken". Your article is point on and speaks of what was inevitable with the past almost year's insanity, Posts like youre's need to be appreciated. Other's need to speak up and be heard. Thank you!

Judith Patoine

Thank you Ron, for the recap of our "leader in chief's" "accomplishments. Let's go Brandon!

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