The Farce that Ate New York and Vt.

To the Editor:

The big farce here in Vt and in NY, is that pot is not for sale legally. This ridiculous situation is a farce of the nth degree and magnitude. In truth, pot is for sale in both places in spite of the politicians out dated and old fogey personal beliefs about marijuana. It’s “Reefer Madness,” the propaganda flick from the 1930s that caused this. In the flick people turn into crazy idiots after smoking pot. Some of our “leaders” still believe this is true.

Check out the legal pot business here in Vt. It’s everywhere and it’s nowhere in sight. Want some pot? No problem. So, why not just make sales of pot legal?

So many things are like this. Politicians just turn their backs on the truth and go about their business. So, why bother making pot sales legal? Pot is legal to possess in Vt. It’s for sale legally too, isn’t it!


Thomas W. King

Shaftsbury, Vermont


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