The Local’s Vote

To the Editor:

I’m thinking about the recent flier sent out pushing the Save Dalton vote no initiative and how out of town resident businessman Chris Cyr (formally of Littleton Colorado and now apparently of Littleton NH) with business interests in Team O’Neil and what used to be known as the Dalton Gang is telling those of us who live in Dalton to get educated and vote no. Clearly it is Chris Cyr that needs the education! This is 100% about saving Forest Lake State Park, the landfill and much more! It’s about doing the right thing in helping out our neighboring towns of Littleton, Bethlehem and Whitefield He seems to want to scare us away from the special zoning yes vote that will give the people of Dalton time to make good sound decisions that benefit and protect the quality of life the town’s people now have. Is Chris Cyr concerned about the emergency zoning for his own self-interest in not wanting the people of Dalton to potentially have input on his operations ?

The emergency vote is the tool, a life raft of sorts for the town. It gives us time to work together and do the best we can to do what is right for our town today and well into the future. Here’s a thought! What we do in the upcoming special town meeting has the potential to affect the lifetime of our youngest children in Dalton! Voting yes on July 30th puts our faith in the people of the town of Dalton to come forward with proposals that fit the town and will be meaningful and lasting as opposed to relying on corporate interests from out of town businesses.

We do not need out of town businessmen telling us what to do and think, there is nothing too lose with the yes vote. We will still need to come forward with permanent proposals for the town’s people to vote on for adoption. The yes vote gives us time to think things through and get it right, it gives the people a seat at the table to repesent the requirements of Dalton should an application be filed, democracy at work.

Government of the people for the people and by the people.

Gregory Odell

Dalton, New Hampshire


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