The long nightmare is over!

To the Editor:

I'm old enough to remember some classic moments on TV. Bobby Ewing returning after being dead for a year, Bob Newhart waking up in bed in Chicago after having a nightmare where he was running a B&B in Vermont ... and then there was President Ford announcing to the world that our long national nightmare (Watergate) was over.

I woke up to the St. J. headlines this morning and I had to wonder if this past year was just a nightmare? ... and that Ralph Nelson just might still be town manager? It isn't such a crazy thought! He already passed the interview and background check. Now all the new board has to do is apologize and pay his legal bill ... and then submit Todd Wellington's news reporting to a Hollywood production company as a script for a TV sitcom ... based in Vermont.

Kenn Stransky

Norton Selectman, Canaan Teacher



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