The Name Is Not The Problem

To the Editor:

Pierre Berube wrote that AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) referring to detention facilities at our southern border as “concentration camps” is “obscene.” The name we give these facilities is not what’s important. The inhumane conditions the immigrants are forced to live in is what every “true” Christian should be up in arms about!

Places where there’s standing room only for days at a time. Places where detainees go without showers for weeks. Places where children have no idea where their relatives are or if they’ll ever see them again. That’s obscene!

Paul Corbeil wrote “devout liberals hate America, freedom and God.” Perhaps Paul should be more worried that God may hate conservatives who are treating His children like animals. That includes Trump who tweeted on 7/3/19 that if “immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted detention centers, just tell them not to come.”

“Whatever you do to the least of my brothers or sisters you do to me,” Matthew 25:40.

I don’t believe God could be any more clear that He wants ALL His children treated with dignity and respect. I believe Trump and his toadies will be asked, when they appear at the gates of Heaven, why they treated God’s Children like animals.

Marion Mohri

Wheelock, Vermont


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Must be they are being treated better than where they came from or they would go back. For now they are being treated probably the best our system has to offer. patients is a virtue, it seems infrastructure is getting better for them. But if you are so concerned, what are you doing to help them ? or are you just another Trump basher ?


boy, you hear so much garbage, hard to tell the facts. i just saw a report that these people have showers and clean water and do not know how to use them....this is going to take time for all to get their axct together. Cry so loud you do, why are you not down there helping ?? if you are not helping, do not be part of the problem.

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