The Obama-Biden Years

To The Editor:

Before voting day I’d like to reminisce of the Obama-Biden years. Eight years they had to do something for America and its families. Instead America hemorrhaged. Our economy was encouraged to hightail it to China and Mexico.

I was one father who was caught in the pro-China Biden nepotism which did great things for his family yet left mine in poverty. Although I’ve worked since I was 16 I was unemployed for their first year in the White House. Liberals are right now warming up their keyboards with the same old dishonest brain-dead talking points. The economy wasn’t Obama’s fault. He actually fixed it. Really? So how did I once again find myself unemployed for his eight year in office as well, and only a part-time job to support my family in the interim? He could do nothing of value in eight years? I had no choice but to retire early after giving up on employment. Biden however has done well for himself and son as a Washington good ol’boy for about 50 years.

Let me tell you what it was actually like. If you are a young working couple, pay close attention. This could be you. After lay-offs and months of looking for work I was for the first time in my life forced onto the system. I hated every minute of it but as I job searched many companies told me they were also going out of business. Obama-Biden only cared about what bathroom the mentally ill could use. Unemployed fathers were of no concern to them both. Bankers got bonuses but where was my bailout? Upon entering the system I was told I would receive 49% of what it took to support my family. In return I would have to volunteer at N.E.K.C.A. where I spend my days cleaning bathrooms and looking for something to do. At lunch all so-called volunteers would meet and many times were told to color pictures. Gee, didn’t that help? I particularly remember a couple in their early thirties who had two young girls and were obviously hard working types. They were angry and had good reason to be. The Obama-Biden Presidency didn’t care. For many these were dark times. Unfortunately some were unaffected and oblivious to the suffering around them. If Hid’n Biden becomes president I will no longer have to be job searching as before, which I should add still brings nightmares every week, however you will. Whether or not you like President Trump, it is a fact that he has done miracles for America’s economy. If you want to listen to the lying gibberish of the left feel free but many will suffer. Maybe this time it will be your turn.


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