The President and Congress

To the Editor:

I saw where a guy tried to do self-surgery on himself with a butter knife, not to make light of this event, but it sounds a lot like something our President and Congress should do, but they would never be able to agree on which part to operate on. We the voters know, it would be the brain, as it seems none of them have one. There's just this small empty space between their ears, just wasted space.

All of them in Washington need to go on a trip with Dorothy to the Land of Oz. The scarecrow, John Boehner, as we know needs a brain, the tin man, John Boehner, playing two parts, needs a heart, and the lion, Barack Obama, needs courage, to keep taking them all on.

Right now I'm not either, Republican or Democrat, they have both lost my respect. They need to settle this debt question, for the American people who voted them into office. I just saw a good e-mail that stated all those in Congress, the Senate and the President should live on Social Security and Medicare until all this is settled. My response is they should live on it for the rest of their lives. See how they like it.


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