The Real Issue Behind Abortion

To the Editor:

Abortion laws are a hot topic in the media today. However, when you really dive deep into the issue you will find that the government is not addressing the real issue at hand, the amount of unwanted pregnancies in the US. “Currently 45 percent of the 6 million pregnancies in the United States each year are unintended” (Weese). The best solution to this problem would be to cut back on these pregnancies. To do this there needs to be affordable contraceptives, which organizations like planned parenthood provide. However, New Hampshire voted against the contract with them even though planned parenthood provides “STD testing and treatment, birth control, well-women exams, cancer screening and prevention, abortion, hormone therapy, infertility services, and general health care” (Planned Parenthood). Having organizations like planned parenthood helps to provide people with the tools they need to have safe sex.

A different course of action to limit the number of unplanned pregnancies is for men to get reversible vasectomies; they prevent pregnancy better than any other method of birth control other than abstinence (Urology Care Foundation). It is a safe procedure that is reversible for men with very few side effects. Some people might be concerned with the side effects that could happen. The side effects of a vasectomy include very rarely bleeding or blood clots, bruising of scrotum, infection of the surgery site, mild pain or discomfort, and swelling. Whereas the side effects of the pill (the most commonly used birth control) include, hormone changes, headaches, nausea, sore breasts, changes in periods, spotting, weight gain, acne, and depression. There are fewer and less severe side effects for a vasectomy compared to women’s birth control. So, if the side effects that vasectomies include is the reason men should not get one, it shows how much more society values men over women.

Another way to cut down the number of unplanned pregnancies is to have proper sex education in schools. “Researchers from the University of Washington found that adolescents who receive comprehensive sex education are significantly less likely to become pregnant than adolescents who receive abstinence-only-until-marriage or no formal sex education” (Bright). The topic of sex is something that most adults are very uncomfortable talking about, this includes teachers. This tip toeing around the subject is only hurting kids. They need to be educated in these topics so they are able to make informed decisions. If we are able to stop unwanted pregnancies before they happen it would make a huge impact on not only the number of abortions that happen in the US but also save a lot of people from pain and suffering.

Emma Renaudette

Lyndonville, Vt.


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Elaine Stasny

Emma, Thank you for this. Well done

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