The United States of America- 2021

To the Editor:

Fake news is the norm

Gas prices are at a seven year high and rising, and we are no longer energy independent

Grocery prices are out of sight

Crime is out of control in Democratic led cities due to the defunding of the police

Standard English is now “racist”

Washington, Jefferson, etc. are now “racists”

“man”power ,chairman, selectman, mother, father, aunt, uncle are sexist terms and improper

Illegal aliens are flooding our border, and they can vote, get licenses, free money, free health care, etc.

Democrats want to “pack” the Supreme Court with more Democrats so they have a majority

Radical Democrats want Justice Breyer (a Democrat) to retire, because he is not liberal enough

The rotunda of the National Archives building is racist because it displays the Declaration of Independence & Constitution

Democrats want to abolish the filibuster, and change the rules of Congress as part of their “power grab.”

Statues deemed offensive to the radicals are being removed from government Buildings

Stimulus money is given to everybody with no accountability (no wonder people won’t work)

Conservatives are being censored for their speech and beliefs

Religious freedom, and the Right to Bear Arms are under attack

Former employees and whistleblowers are exposing CNN, MSNBC, etc. for fake, biased news coverage

Where did the “me too” movement go in view of the sexual misconduct allegations against Gov. Cuomo

Over two dozen aides to VP Harris cited a dysfunctional and abusive, toxic atmosphere in her office

Businesses across America are closing because nobody will work

Virtually everything is in short supply for the same reason

Critical Race Theory (itself racist) is being taught across the US at every educational level (if you do not know what this is-get educated before it is too late)

A first grade teacher in VA was teaching masturbation!

Police officers are being assassinated

A recent national poll revealed a big jump in the number of people who no longer think that the US is the best country to live in. Have you seen enough? If not, wait 24 hours- it gets worse by the day! Remember these things in November.

Ron Willoughby

North Haverhill


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Carole Anne Cleland


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