To the Editor:

Is President Bush chasing the wrong enemy?

As the Afghanistan campaign winds down, attention is shifting to a "second phase" of the anti-terror war. Signs emanating from the Bush administration indicate that it may be getting ready to target Iraq. This amounts to pulling wool over the eyes of U.S. citizens and betraying the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

It is not Iraq or North Korea where future Sept. 11s will be plotted, but in extremist centers of Pakistan, as pointed out by a Washington Post editorial on Dec. 2, 2001. A shameless betrayal was carried out in the nights of Kunduz leading up to the Taliban surrender, when U.S. authorities surreptitiously allowed Pakistan to evacuate trapped personnel without any accountability, as reported by the Wall Street Journal (Nov. 27), and the New York Times (Nov. 22) indicated otherwise.

An unknown number of fighters have already escaped to Pakistan, with U.S. complicity. There is no accountability about their involvement with terrorist planning. These escapees are free to conceive and implement future attacks against the U.S.


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