Things to ponder

To the Editor:

Here are some things to ponder: Obama wants everyone to have insurance and will IDENTIFY those who do not, so he can penalize them, yet he is willing to let thousands of illegal immigrants come into our country and vote and have jobs WITHOUT any identification. He wants one group of people to be identified yet is willing to let another group go totally untouched. (Remember he was suing Florida for trying to purge their voting registration lists?)

Illegal immigrants pour into our country every day. They are offered sanctuary in some cities, voting rights, licenses and college scholarships (recently from Hampshire College in Massachusetts.) As soon as someone questions them on anything it's called racial profiling. If Obama gets in they will then receive free health care. Now remember, Obama has also gutted welfare by taking out the mandatory job requirement.

So let's take a look at this and see how it adds up. If Obama is voted in, are the illegal aliens going to pay their share of taxes? Will the people on welfare who WON'T be required to work pay their share? The bottom line is that the law abiding, hard working citizens will have to pick up the tab. The illegal aliens and the non-working welfare recipients will receive care and not have to worry about paying. Now what happens when the hard-working law abiding citizens don't take the insurance? Then we will be penalized! What if we can't afford it? Will liens be put on our homes, cars and other assets? That's spreading the wealth, Obama style.

Did anyone catch that Obama is still going to send Egypt $1.5 billion EVEN after the attacks and killings on the embassies? He said we need to help that new government get on their feet. Does he think that they will actually be an ally?

Here's an idea: How about taking that billion and a half and actually helping AMERICANS with it (Wounded Warriors, St Jude's Children Hospital, cancer research, homeless shelters, etc).

Also, is anyone wondering why Obama is so adamant about calling the Libyan attack spontaneous instead of planned? (As this is written, his administration is starting to "ease up" on this theory and admit that it may have been planned). Notice he and the Ambassador Rice initially spent more time saying the film was to blame instead of denouncing the outrageous violence that is taking place.

It seems as if Obama is trying to indirectly put blame on/apologize for our first amendment right of freedom of speech instead attacking the barbaric, senseless actions of those who are attacking and killing. One may think that Obama will soon come out and say that our freedom of speech should have some constraints! Nahhhh, Obama would never try to chip away at our Constitution!

Alex Foryan

Lunenburg, Vt.


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