Three season walks

To the Editor:

The letter from Lynn Wurzburg on July 20th titled " Summer Walks" prompted me to write. It elicited a great deal of envy in me. This spring, I started a regular walking habit along Peak road and what was immediately obvious was the amount of trash leftover from the spring thaw. I soon made a habit of taking along a garbage bag ( the initial one was industrial size -- which I filled -- while subsequent ones have been kitchen trash can sized) along with a pair of gloves.

Needless to say, at least once a week I must maintain my trash-picking efforts as there is an amazing accumulation of empty beer cans, crushed cigarette packs, cigarette butts, tobacco tins, fast food wrappings & boxes, energy drink bottles, beer bottles, empty disposable coffee cups, soda glasses + lids & straws, misc. candy wrappers, etc.

The person(s) responsible for ruining my walks show a total disregard for the environment as well as the natural beauty of Wheelock roads, which do contain lovely creeping greenery and wildflowers of all variety along the roadsides. This disregard extends to the exit 24 ramps and along Route 122 and I would certainly appreciate any efforts to identify and sensitize the culprits to become more aware of their civic responsibility.

Helene Millas



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