To Impeach For Treason, Bribery Or Incompetence

To the Editor:

From a labor point of view, we do not need to look at Trump’s seedy and illegal dealings with the Ukraine or Russia to understand this New York City billionaire as unfit for office. No, union members need look no further then his rightwing union-busting appointments to the Supreme Court; appointments that resulted in “fair share” union dues being outlawed. We need look no further then his own administration imposing a rule change whereby most unionized home healthcare workers in the nation would not be allowed to even voluntarily have union dues taken out of their paychecks. We need look no further then his anti-worker appointments to the National Labor Relations Board which have done all in their power to degrade and erode the rights of labor through their politically motivated corporatist rulings. We need look no further then his tragic betrayal of our Kurdish/YPG/YPJ brothers and sisters in Rojava (Syria) who he sold out to the Turks when it became convenient. We need look no further then his overt sexism and racism. And we need look no further then Trump’s own words when it comes to his views of organized labor. “I fight unions very hard… I like right-to-work better… My position on right-to-work is 100%” [Trump to South Carolina Radio Network, 2016].

Yes my friends, Trump is anti-union and anti-worker. He is a billionaire that values his own wealth over the wellbeing of the nation. We, as union members, do not need legal theories to justify his removal. All we need to know is that in the age old class war that has been fought for generations, Trump, like too many that came before him, is on the wrong side of history. He needs to be removed.

But let us not remove him and then allow the other party the power to place a more mild mannered enemy on the throne. Least we forget the frustrations that propelled Trump to power in the first place. We do not need more NAFTAs, more job killing free trade deals, more mandatory minimums, more welfare “reform”, more corporate welfare, more imperialist wars. We do not need another party to sell out unions and working people, even if they are less crude on twitter. No my friends, what we actually need is healthcare as a human right, livable wages, paid family medical leave, card check, and free college tuition for our children. We need a new social contract whereby working people, the vast majority, benefit from an economic model grounded in equity and fairness. We need a radical expansion of democracy whereby the many and not the few decide our common fate through a participatory process.


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