Supporting Mike Morrow in Sutton

To the Editor:

Is our town clerk qualified for this job? I have my doubts. Yes, she was appointed by the selectmen but why did it take several hours for a final decision? A petition forced a vote by the people and she was elected by the people. But have her qualifications actually been looked into? It is my understanding that no one even checked her references. In her brochure she mentioned all of her qualities but no failures. She had been employed at the Sutton Town School, but that was not mentioned.

At one of the selectmen's meetings an auditor mentioned that she had written herself two pay checks for the same week. She had written the first one and about three or four weeks later wrote out another one of the same week. All she said was she was glad the auditors found it and that she forgot she had paid herself. This was mentioned in The Caledonian-Record previously.

I still wonder why our warnings were late. If the computers were down why couldn't they have been done on a typewriter or done at home on her personal computer?

Duncan Kilmartin hit the nail on the head with his article a couple of weeks ago. sounded like he could have been writing about Sutton.

I cannot support this person in any way. I am voting for Mike Morrow. He knows numbers and is willing to listen.

Donald E. Cheney

Sutton, Vt.


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