Too loud, too late

To the Editor:

A very vocal minority in our country seems to believe that our problems are mostly government and social programs. They scream for "cutting taxes," "shrinking government" and "cutting spending." It seems to me that they are far too loud and much too late in their concern.

These people see the number of Americans who receive benefits from one or more social programs and ask, "How can we continue to support these millions of people?" Shouldn't the first question be "why is our economy in such shambles that millions of Americans need help to survive?"

When I try to answer the latter question, I always end up staring at globalization and the real effects of giving corporations and Wall Street special treatment. Why does Apple rake in billions in profit from sales to Americans, but employ so few Americans? Same for Nike and all the major footwear giants. How often do you call a major corporation's Customer Service line and speak to someone in America?


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