‘Truckload Of Fools’ in West Burke

To the Editor:

On the morning of Aug. 10, just north of West Burke Village, a Sutton volunteer firefighter was nearly mowed down by a passing driver who refused to stop for the signals of an emergency vehicle.

The firefighter was attempting to set up a roadblock because a serious two-car accident had just taken place further up the road. He had chosen a place with good visibility and a safe location for oncoming traffic to stop and turn around. The damaged vehicles and those of additional emergency responders were spread across Route 5; necessitating the roadblock. A 35-plus year veteran with the fire department, he was doing what needed to be done to protect those at the accident scene and drivers heading north.

As he was setting up the traffic cones, two young males in a blue pickup truck approached from West Burke at a high rate of speed. The firefighter, dressed in full reflective turnout gear, stepped into the road and waved his arms at the truck in an attempt to warn of the danger ahead.

Instead of stopping as any intelligent driver would, this driver accelerated; blowing past the firefighter at an even higher speed. His equally-idiotic passenger leaned out the window gesturing obscenely at the firefighter who had to jump out of the way to avoid being run over; not an easy task in turnout gear.

Calling ahead to the on-scene assistant fire chief, the firefighter was able to warn the other responders of the truckload of fools heading toward them. Thankfully, there were two law enforcement officers also at the scent awaiting the arrival of the ambulance. The truck was stopped and those officers gave the two offenders a stern lecture.

As the wife of the firefighter who was nearly run over, I am not satisfied with that stern lecture. That driver and his passenger should both be charged with multiple motor vehicle violations, including reckless endangerment of emergency personnel and accident victims. It is only by the grace of God that the Sutton community is not planning mass funerals today.

Thankful our firefighters came home to their families on Saturday.

Amy Wright Brill

Sutton, Vt.


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