True colors

To the Editor:

The media is having a difficult time explaining Bernie Sanders', Patrick Leahy's and Peter Welch's support of F-35s in Vermont. How does that song go ... true colors shining through ... The three are rabid supporters of Barrack Obama and Obama continues George Bush's illegal, unconstitutional attacks by Americans around the world. Very recently 15 supposed, yes that's supposed terrorists, were vaporized by an unmanned drone. Not one word, not one bit of condemnation or demand for hearings by Congress for using us as bullies around the world. The new/recent education legislation (from Congress and Legislature) guarantee international corporation will continue to use the U.S. military as their private army with new supply of troops. No matter the enlisted have been so demoralized that families are coming apart with 30,000 divorces and record suicides.

Our troops have documented the natural resources in Afghanistan now Obama and Congress are stealing billions from the taxpayers for infrastructure so international corporations can harvest them. Vermont's congressmen march in lock-step with Obama. Maybe Vermont will be repository for the world's nuclear waste since Obama informed the world America is a nuclear waste dump.

Not to worry Leahy will be in a movie and worries about tan lotion labeling; Sanders' fixed the credit card interest rate is now only 14 percent over prime with 28 percent late interest rate (sound like it hasn't changed?); and Welch is just hiding somewhere in Washington. They all have better medical care, retirement fund, expense accounts etc. than any of us. They say whatever it takes to be re-elected -- with Deb Markowitz's electronic voting they couldn't care less what the media exposes.


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