Trump Has it Wrong on Everything…

To the Editor:

Yes, you have read that right. And yes, I am still the Chairwoman of the Vermont GOP Committee and no, those are not my words or belief. They belong to the mob of hate-crazed, fear-driven people who have become deranged because he upset their dreams (our nightmare) of electing crooked Hillary Clinton. Who could have imagined the anger, violence and insanity, acted out by many left-wing hatemongers calling even for his assassination because their candidate lost? Space will not allow me to list all the hateful things said and done to this President and his family. We can only speculate on each individual’s reasons for this intense reaction, but you can be sure there are many who are concerned that this principled man can’t be bought. With his election there comes a bright light that will be shined on the entire matter to find the truth and to reveal the conspirators. When that light is properly directed, shines on who put the collusion with Russia lie in motion, who swore to it, who furthered it with the FISA Court, as we follow the money, we will find, no doubt, that their intentions were evil and surely had nothing to do with protecting the integrity of our elections.

These control hungry, upper middle-class political elites knew that their hard work trying to step by step move America toward embracing anti-American, socialistic thinking was in deep trouble. At his 2019 “State of the Union” address, the President said the United States will never become a socialist country. Vice-President Pence has said the same. It gave me great pleasure when I saw the dismayed face of Vermont’s socialist Senator Bernie Sanders as he grimaced when the President made that declaration. The wise statesman and leader, Winston Churchill has said of socialism that it “is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” He also forewarned that “Socialism is like a dream. Sooner or later you wake up to reality.” That reality can be seen in other countries that embraced socialism. Venezuela, once, with its massive oil reserves, was one of the richest nations in their hemisphere, but now they are a failed state and their people are suffering and destitute.

The left, for the past two and one half tortuous years, after succeeding in getting a special counsel appointed to investigate Russia collusion in the 2016 election, became fixated on impeaching the President, even though they could not define any wrong he had committed rising to the level of high crimes or misdemeanors required by the Constitution. For over two years we saw a figurehead Republican Special Council, Robert Mueller, helped (I should probably say controlled) by his staff of more than a dozen very able lawyers, many being liberal Democrat activists, who tried to build a case against the President. Even with the cards stacked that way, they could not find anything to charge Donald Trump with. You know they would have if they could have! Even knowing the there was not there on Russia collusion or obstruction, they unwisely brought Mr. Mueller before Congress to testify in the hope that he would contradict the findings of the report. We witnessed his feeble form and testimony before Congress that revealed he barely knew what happened in the investigation and obviously was not the person directing its conduct or writing the four-hundred-page report.

The report has been filed and revealed to us all and nothing new has been learned that would suggest the President did anything wrong, yet they continue to persecute him. They keep fishing, without probable cause, harassing him constantly for his private tax returns, looking for any possible wrong he might have committed somewhere in his seventy years of life and many successful business ventures. They accuse him of using his office to further his business interests, and yet he does not take his deserved salary, has disassociated himself from control of his businesses and his net worth has dramatically shrunk since he was elected.

Do they have any other options than to impeach the President? Maybe they could work with him to accomplish great things for America. Maybe even work with him to secure the crisis plagued southern border. Nah! That would be the right thing to do, would be patriotic and we know they are not capable of that. Surely makes an observer think that they must hate America. They even refuse to give him credit for anything and so, as I have said, “President Trump has it wrong on everything” in the minds of these hateful, fearful, people. I said it and I believe it and next week I will talk to you about the many wonderful things our President has accomplished that the blinded left-wing Democrats cannot see.

Deb Billado

Montpelier, Vermont


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