Trump in 2020

To the Editor:

I am writing to you because your paper, The Caledonian-Record, is read in both Vermont and New Hampshire. I was born in Vermont, have family in Vermont, but now live in New Hampshire. The 2020 election is clearly on everyone’s mind. I thought I would share some thoughts as a young person looking forward to raising a family in safety and prosperity.

As patriotic Americans, we have to decide for ourselves what is best for our families and our country. First on the list, for me, is the most basic of requirements: safety. If you can’t protect yourself, all other rights are useless. President Trump has taken a firm stance on the side of the 2nd Amendment. That is a big plus for many young adults, myself included, as most Democratic candidates would prefer to tout gun control, rather than sit down with Republicans and address bi-partisan solutions that would really work.

The truth is important to me, and my generation. The Democrats seem to spend every waking hour calling Trump a fascist, misogynist, racist, xenophobe or a Nazi. To a person who values honesty, this should be abhorrent. There is little to no evidence that Donald Trump is any of these things, yet every day we scroll through the news and see at least four different national news articles accusing him of personifying these ideologies, which renders those words utterly meaningless. Martin Luther King would be ashamed of where this has gone.

Safety and truth: this is why Trump will have my vote in 2020.

Elias R. Larabee

Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire


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