Trump & Pumpkins

To the Editor:

Now that most of the politics are slowing down in the papers and hopefully Trump will act mature and congratulate Joe Biden who is the new President of our wonderful country and it will be a breath of fresh air from someone who doesn’t lie 24/7 and keeps telling us (since March) that the vaccines are coming right around the corner!?

Now on Pleasant Street in Littleton, N.H., we’ve been pretty lucky because the kids and adults play hoops in the park until 2 or 3 a.m. with their radios blasting away or they do a few peel outs on the park grounds and let the sand fly everywhere!

I just didn’t think that kids/adults are so bored that they have to steal pumpkins from people’s front steps and smash them all over the streets. They even took the two little pumpkins which a 2 and 3-year-old had decorated and left on their porches. My friend down in Pike feed the pumpkins to his cows because they enjoy them but I guess we are lucky donkeys don’t eat pumpkins, otherwise, I would have sent one to Washington, D.C. and locate the people who took ours and feed them also to the jackasses who took them and are still thinking that he (Trump) is still in charge!


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