Trump, Rittenhouse & Gun Nuts

To the Editor:

Trump and Rittenhouse and all gun nuts in America are so closely related that they’ll never be separated. Like twins they are alike and cannot be separated. That’s why Trump likes Rittenhouse and approves of him killing 2 people and wounding another one. These protesters in redneck Wisconsin were not “terrorists” as Trump said they were. But, Rittenhouse is a gun nut. He is the terrorist.

Trump is a “terrorist” of his own making who created the Jan. 6 riot in DC. Rittenhouse will be sued and tracked down like a rabid dog by the victim’s families for the rest of his shabby, pathetic life and like OJ, he’ll end up back in jail some day. So, good riddance to him. Trump will die and go to hell where he’ll join Rittenhouse. May you both burn in hell for eternity.


Thomas W. King

Shaftsbury, Vt.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Rittenhouse was protecting the town livlihoods of those in his and his father's town. He was surrounded by criminals that rioted, burned and looted, Those that attacked him and he shot in response were not the only bad actors. There was a swam of them operating under the guise of peaceful protestors. Let this be a lesson to not ever believe what MSM broadcasts as they are propogandists for the elite that also sponsored covid and the evil deeds by the elite surrounding it.


Self-defense is among the most inalienable of human rights. Young Mr. Rittenhouse may not quite qualify as a "hero", neither is he in any way a "terrorist" or "gun nut". The individuals shot we not protesters, they were thing with extensive histories engaged in criminal destruction of public and private property and initiated an armed attack on a minor. You, sir, should refrain from voicing such ignorant and libelous opinions about situations of which you know nothing.

Kenneth Beattie

Mr. Black. Do you think that Mr. Rittenhouse somehow had bios of those he shot in order to only get the "bad guys"? Strikes me that an underage kid crossing state lines (with hi mother's assistance) with an illegal weapon (to protect property well outside his community) had other than "pure" intentions.

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