Trust God, Science and Fauci

To the Editor:

Kudos to Jeffrey Reel for his 9/20/21 LTE titled “Trust God, Science and Fauci.” Finally someone has written what I and others have struggled to put into words.

Our Creator’s imagination and scientific skills know no bounds. He willingly shared some of that ability with us. Throughout history, human beings have been able to use the gifts of creativity, curiosity, reason and logic to discover new ways to improve our lives. No longer do we have to risk accidentally gathering poison ivy for personal hygiene purposes in our one-holer outhouses; instead, we can drive our climate-controlled vehicles to the nearest store and purchase the jumbo packs of ultra-soft toilet paper. Creative minds invented these things for our convenience.

We don’t have to endure surgical procedures without anesthesia, unlike so many soldiers in not-so-long-ago wars whose mutilated limbs were sawed off under hellish conditions. Thanks to more scientists, we can apply antibiotic ointments and self-stick bandages ourselves to our superficial boo-boos. Our dentists provide us with Novocaine and similar products for our dental procedures. Smallpox and polio outbreaks rarely if ever occur now thanks to other scientists who developed the vaccines for these diseases.

I personally remain grateful to the brilliant minds of A.) the occupational therapist who first discovered my husband’s heart murmur: (he had no symptoms and had always had annual “physicals” per his employer’s requirements) and B.) the incredible, God-given skills of the cardiologist, cardiac surgeon and their teams who in 2018 repaired my hubby’s rapidly-failing mitral valve. Ask him how many miles per week he bicycles and walks now: good luck keeping up with him!

Because he chose to listen to the medical professionals and agreed to trust the sciences in which they were trained, he is neither an invalid nor dead.

Those who rant against science and vaccines are more than welcome to return to living in caves and gathering their food by snare and spear. To avoid the appearance of hypocrisy, they’d best decline all numbing medications for their future dental repair and general anesthesia for their colonoscopies.

My goodness, you just don’t know what’s in that stuff?

Amy Wright Brill

Sutton, Vt.


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