Unbelievable Bull

To the Editor:

It is so hard to swallow how all these so called reps for their state claiming racism for the new policy on immigrants from our presidents admin. What the hell is wrong with having them to be self sufficient before they are allowed in our country, we have way to many families that need help that was born here to let in millions more to cramp our resources that should be there for Americans. We have way to many illegal aliens, yes illegal aliens in our country already. Europe is finally doing the right thing and stopping immigrants from flooding in even more then they already have which will change everything in their own countries once enough of them get in and change things back to the country they so called escaped from. Just like the US letting in all these liberals. (ha ha)

Also it is so sad when the liberals use tragedies like the mass killings to float their own agenda, which is bull because I would love to hear a poll of these people if they think by making new gun laws are going to stop criminals from doing what they do. All the new laws hurt are law abiding gun owners, who does that help. It doesn’t matter what anyone says these people will not look at the truth and reality, right Marion and friends?

Also I was reading a story on banning trapping and says that the traps catch and kill pets, if you were responsible pet owners you would have not have your pet killed. All dogs in Vermont are supposed to be chained or fenced in and if I was out hunting and saw a dog chasing a deer I would put my interest on the dog which kill more deer than any other animal. I have had a big problem with dogs from a young age and people need to respect that. If people are responsible pet owners they should not let their animals run wild, even cats, even if they live in the country, especially the country. You people need to be responsible for your animals defecating on other peoples property and when your pet does not come home then take responsibility for it.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vermont.


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