Vaccine Mandate at St. J Academy

To the Editor:

I was sad to see that St. J Academy is requiring all staff to be vaccinated this year. As an alumnus of St. J, I really cherish the memories I made on the campus and I’m disappointed that the school is not letting staff decide whether or not to be vaccinated. Medical decisions need to be left to the employees and not pushed by employers. So many people are losing their freedoms due to the fear of a virus we don’t truly understand.

I am a teacher in Texas, but I would never work at a school that required me to put something into my body that I didn’t feel comfortable taking. To the heads of the Academy: please reconsider this decision and allow staff to make their own decisions regarding the vaccine.

Cassandra Gould

New Braunfels, Texas


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Karen Bufka

Kudos to Cassandra for going out on the proverbial limb to support the staff at the Academy. They are respected in our community for their excellence in educating and caring for our youth, but suddenly we don't trust them to make an informed decision concerning what is put in their body?

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