Vaccine Mandate of St. J. Academy

To the Editor:

I have to respond to Cassandra Gould’s letter expressing her “disappointment that the school is not letting staff decide whether or not to be vaccinated”. First, I will be forgiven for not taking medical advice from a citizen of a state with such a dismal record where Covid-19 is concerned.

I have been impressed and pleased that the Academy has done such an amazing job handling this pandemic and keeping EVERYONE (on AND off -campus) safe by following CDC guidelines. For those with short memories, most of us have never had polio, tetanus, mumps, rubella, diptheria or other diseases because we received the proper vaccination to prevent these.

I am a St. J. Academy Alumna who learned something about science while a student there. I am disappointed that the writer of this letter apparently did not.

Stephanie Goss Churchill

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Stephanie - You and others think you know science by merely following and accepting the propaganda and censored data that the Big Pharma cabal keeps repeating over and over and over and over saying is science, It is difficult for everyone when even the surgeon general and president who are simply big pharma puppets read scripts with lies to fool you. The Academy has been praised by cabal propagandists... PCR tests are a fraud as is almost everything out of the CDC and Fauci;s mouth,. All meant to scare people into trading in their natural immune system for one controlled by Big Pharma.. All meant to scare people into trading freedom for medical tyranny.

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