Vermont Rights Declaration Ignored By H.57

To the Editor:

The Declaration of Independence of 1776, is actually a law document, forming the preamble in books of Vermont state law. Right to Life, and Right to Liberty (of mind, of conscience) then, are the paramount foundations of our government. Yet today, Vermont’s own Rights Declaration is in danger.

Our foundations are at risk because only a very, very few pastors with backbone have spoken up recently against H.57, a recently passed bill that mandates uncompromising support for abortion as an enforced VT state policy. These brave pastors are met with wholesale misunderstanding, because people no longer comprehend that morality is founded upon Rights to Life, rather than a “right” to death. A right to kill one’s unborn child is even impossibly thought by many to be synonymous with “women’s reproductive health.”

There are still people today who look to the Bible for guidance in morality, unlike the broad masses who have learned mainly ignorance and contempt of the things of God, through “education.” A modern depravity, almost unthinkable in the past, but now sure of ample support from all quarters, rails almost routinely against any non-self-serving righteousness. East Lyndon, Vt. pastor Gary Hartsock was recently vilified for having used Bible quotes in a letter to the editor to show life starts in the blood at conception, urging Governor Scott to protect that life, by vetoing H. 57. Marion Mohri, an abortion enthusiast, scathingly mocked Pastor Hartsock’s examples, suggesting he was selectively using Old Testament legalism to support unsavory opinions. Ms. Mohri is apparently unaware that Christianity is not subject to Old Testament Laws and ordinances at all, but is subject to fulfillment of that Law as demonstrated in the New Testament, meaning the spirit-filled fundamental Principles Christ distilled for us to show what really brings Life rather than Death. It’s the spirit of the law, and lives behind all legitimate laws we have. No accident can it be, that the US Declaration of Independence and the 10 articles of the Bill of Rights protect the self-same rights implied in the Ten Commandments.

True, a sort of veiled death-cult is alive in our land. A foaming, roaring hostility awakens today when the Biblical roots of morality we once had in this country are so much as mentioned. This was not always so. Until a bit over 50 years ago, God’s order of things was still assumed. Men were men, women were women; people instinctively knew it was all true and sound. PC, an absurdism guided by the mind-control precepts of blood-drenched dictator Chairman Mao, was unheard of and would have been greatly laughed at.

But today, to even support decency at all is to face a gauntlet of ignorant, spitting, vitriolic hate-accusers.

Yes, the earliest non-scripture Christian document, the Didache Apostolic Teaching, strongly forbids abortion. But the truth that killing an unborn child is wrong, is written in our hearts, rather than on tablets of stone. We all know it. Even the Pope knows it; he recently made a rather apt and wry comment that abortion is like hiring a hitman. Many would rather leave a path open for sheer selfishness, while avoiding opening the door of the heart. The idea that in a pro-life society women who need health services would be left without, or that mother’s lives would not be taken into account, is untrue- it’s boilerplate nonsense cooked up in order to veil and to hide the utterly and totally selfish and evil motive behind the pro-abortion movement. And we know this. Everyone knows it.

But it gets even worse. If a right to death is introduced into the laws of a state without being exposed and rejected as an unconstitutional travesty, that state is frankly finished. No one can serve two masters. Right-to-death will immediately undermine every single one of the other rights that are based on life!

Mohri claims Vermont’s oaths of allegiance do not involve the Bible. Let’s look at Vermont’s Constitution, unread by Ms. Mohri, to which those oaths are made: VT Constitution Rights Declaration (Chap I) Article 3.

“That all persons have a natural and unalienable right, to worship Almighty God, according to the dictates of their own consciences and understandings, as in their opinion shall be regulated by the word of God” [“The word of God” indicates the Bible and “Almighty God” is clearly a reference to the God of the Bible]

Chap. II § 68. “ Laws for the encouragement of virtue and prevention of vice and immorality ought to be constantly kept in force, and duly executed;…” “All religious societies, or bodies of people that may be united or incorporated for the advancement of religion and learning, or for other pious and charitable purposes, shall be encouraged and protected in the enjoyment of the privileges, immunities, and estates, which they in justice ought to enjoy,…”

Chap. I Article 18. “That frequent recurrence to fundamental principles, and a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance, industry, and frugality, are absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty, and keep government free; the people ought, therefore to pay particular attention to these points, in the choice of officers and representatives, and have a right, in a legal way, to exact a due and constant regard to them, from their legislators and magistrates, in making and executing such laws as are necessary for the good government of the State.”

Anyone doubting that the above legal assurances of rights of conscience in our present Vermont Constitution explicitly forbid bills such as H. 57, must be oblivious of constitutional law, and must believe that the mightiest passages in bills of rights are written as mere window dressing! Is this the mindset of those who loiter in our halls of legislature today? H. 57 makes any town or state official liable for withholding pro-abortion literature or for taking or even expressing a pro-life stance to a young person; presumably even if that young person were a close relative. Taxpayers are forced to pay for this policy against their consciences. Morality and constitutionality are today given lip service, while simultaneously being utterly destroyed before our eyes.

Yet, there is hope. A coalition in Rhode Island is suing that state and its officials regarding the unconstitutionality of the pro-abortion bill there. The same should be done in Vermont.

Jay Iselin

Lyndonville, Vt.


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well Jay Your Lord gives you the freedom of choice, and you should let that be your giving others their own free mind and choice. Whether it be to sin, or not.....

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