Veto ‘Rapidly Pro-death Bill’ Governor Scott

To the Editor:

Open Letter To Gov. Phil Scott:

Dear Governor Scott, I am just a citizen having little time. I began this letter prior to Mother’s Day 2019. I urge you to veto H. 57, the rabidly pro-death bill which was passed shortly before that day.

Even with morality aside, the bill happens to be permanently illegal merely from the fact it was passed without there being an underlying codified right to support it. This major bill was also kept mostly out of view of the public and statehouse officials misled people including myself, about whether it was going to be finally voted by the Senate this year or not.

Vermont’s constitution was crafted in a strong way when it comes to Rights of Conscience. However, H. 57 which passed May 7th, 2019, seeks to take away all that strength and all those rights, by severely violating the protections for Conscience enshrined in that same state constitution. Unless corrective Republican action is taken about this travesty, Vermont as a whole, with its governmental principles and its people, will have with the language of a single bill, illegally departed from all protection of its most important rights. H. 57 is unconstitutional and lawless, in that it falsely enforces abortion as being a “central” human right, a right even supposedly possessing lawmaking precedent.

In reality, abortion has never at any time been codified as a right in any genuine lawmaking charter document of our nation whatsoever. True, the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision of the Supreme Court did speak in its mere opinion of such a right even though there was none chartered, but that highest Federal court itself overstepped its bounds in so doing, for in any case no court in all history has ever codified or established any right. Courts can protect, exclusively protect, already existing rights. But only legislatures, can make a purported right be law, and even then can only do so through constitutional amendment. In sum, rights are simply never originated or put into law form by courts, nor are they in the least way formed by the executive branch.

The foregoing already shows on a single point, that H. 57 was passed illegally, in other words unconstitutionally; additionally shows that its far-reaching illegality, in substance, is threatening the bases of the state and national constitutions. The misguided legislators who have improperly passed this bill, will without doubt endeavor to ensure the success in 2022 of Proposition 5, a very strange constitutional amendment which is indeed intended to cover up (far too late) the grievous legal mistake they made in passing H. 57, but which will certainly not remove the ethical, constitutional and legal trap they have set.

Firstly, murder would be both wrong and illegal even if only one person opposed it while a democratic majority favored it. Secondly, aside from that first overarchingly vital fact and principle, it is quite well-proven that a large portion of the population, many of them Christians, consider abortion to be a crime, at the very least in a moral sense. In runaway, absolute contempt of these two known facts, H.57 itself requires all state officials and all providers to participate in a pro-abortion policy, even in the area of information dissemination, and even if their consciences say otherwise. Taxpayers, too, are thereby forced to participate with their funds in the abortion-mandating policy, their consciences being in that way sacrificed on the altar of abortion as well.

Rights of conscience have always been the one primary foundation of our nation, yet as we see, H. 57 endeavors in no uncertain terms to remove them, and if given credence, will not fail to do so in practice.

Jay Iselin

East Haven, Vt.


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