To the Editor:

Many have said there is no such thing as a view tax in New Hampshire, but I can assure you there is. If you don't have one now just wait, one is coming just as it did to my home town, Orford, when it was recently reappraised by Avitar Assessors.

I have paid property taxes in Orford since 1956 when at age 11, I purchased my first woodlot. In those 50 years I have purchased dozens of properties in several towns throughout New Hampshire and until six months ago, I was never assessed a view assessment.

Avitar Assessors has developed an assessment sheet that gives equal weight to assessing a view, your buildings, your land and if you have it, water frontage. Never has this been done or documented before in Orford, contrary to what some of the experts are suggesting.

Let me give you an example of why I call it a view tax (and from the many phone calls I have had for AX the VIEW TAX bumper stickers over the past few months, this same example is happening all across our state).


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