Guildhall Select Board meetings

To the Editor:

After having attended the latest volatile Guildhall Select Board meeting, I feel compelled to write this letter to express my feelings. The meeting proceeded with the Road Commissioner screaming at individuals after legitimate questions and concerns were raised, with the select board chairman nodding in agreement with her reaction. This same selectman, as has happened with him before, yelled and called another individual names and then stormed out of the building after the meeting had ended. A similar instance with that same selectman happened during a select board meeting a couple of months ago. I readily admit that I was one of the people asking pertinent questions about the operation of the town of Guildhall (which we feel is ineffective at times).

The constable of the town said at the end of the meeting that we should all try to get along; I agree with him.

One of the biggest impediments to this happening is that our elected officials are not always doing the job for which they were elected. Once elected, they seem to take on a different persona, feeling that they can do whatever they choose because they are "the one." If you call with a question, thanks to caller ID, you either get no answer or if you do get an answer, you usually get an answer with a negative attitude leaving you feeling that you have done a bad thing by asking a question.


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