Vote for experience in Orleans-Essex Senate race

To the Editor:

We live in an oligarchy with a few trappings of a Republic. Our political system has been warped and paralyzed by the power of a small, wealthy minority. Money buys power. This minority's malign influence is alive and well in Vermont. Miss Lenore Broughton has bankrolled Vermonters First to the tune of $134,000.00. Vermonters First is Vt.'s first Super Political Action Committee. So, how has this ruffled my feathers?

In a mailing, Vermonters First urged me to vote for Jay Dudley and Robert "Bob" Lewis for the Senate [Essex- Orleans] , but failed to inform me as to their credentials and accomplishments. Jay Dudley has never served in the Vermont Legislature. Bob Lewis has served five years and has never brought one dollar or one project home to the Northeast Kingdom. I did some research, , and checked his voting record. The only piece of legislation that he has introduced was H.60: An Act Relating to the Elimination of Property Tax Adjustments Based on Income. This is Bob's effort to get rid of the income adjustments to property tax and effectively raise everyone's taxes. This year my total property tax in Glover is $4429.85. The adjustment due to income [$1044.00] brings the net tax to $3385.85. I'm retired and my income is derived from social security and teacher's retirement. What else has Representative Lewis accomplished?

In the most recent legislation session, roll call votes indicate Lewis has voted nay [against] the following: H.41: employment breaks -- 3/18/2011; H.202: universal and unified health system -- 3/24/2011; H.441: appropriations for the support of government -- 3/25/2012; H.258: public participation in environmental enforcement proceedings -- 4/13/2011; S.31: Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote - 4/15/2011; H.559: health care reform implementation - 2/24/2012; H.558: fiscal year 2012 budget adjustment - 1/20/2012; H.761: executive branch fees, including motor vehicle and fish and wildlife fees - 2/23/2012; and H.781: appropriations for the support of government - 3/23/2012. Bob Lewis has mastered the art of saying "nay." Five years in the legislature with nothing to show for it, except that he is political ideologue that is more interested in party purity than in solving problems. His reputation as a "good old boy" who sometimes takes a nap in committee hearings, doesn't impress me. In my book, his very experience in the legislature disqualified him for the Vermont Senate.

If you believe in putting Vermonters First, you will join me and vote for John S Rodgers and Bobby Starr for Vermont State Senate [Essex - Orleans]. They both are independent thinkers and not partisan politicians. They have the experience and the connections to get things done and the record to prove it [].

In conclusion, I don't need a rich plutocrat from Chittenden County [Lenore Broughton and her Super PAC Vermonters First] telling me how to vote. I would urge Miss Lenore to spend her wealth on worthy causes such as the Vermont Foodbank and/or Area Agencies on Aging.


Noel W. Ford

West Glover, Vt.


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