To the Editor:

On Thursday, Sept. 23, at 7:30 p.m., the voters of the Newbury School District will be able to give school choice to our children by voting \yes\ on the question: \Shall the Newbury School District withdraw membership from Union High School District No. 30 ?\

If passed, the children of Newbury will have the opportunity to attend any state-approved public or private (non-parochial) school that will accept them; an option that students in 92 other Vermont towns have already.

While the vast majority will undoubtedly continue to attend Oxbow, a small minority will choose to go to Blue Mountain, Woodsville, St. Johnsbury Academy, Thetford Academy or elsewhere. Newbury parents will have the choice to send their sons and daughters where they think they\'ll have the best opportunity.

What will this cost you? Not money - Act 60 changed the way schools are financed. Our tax money now goes to Montpelier where the state redistributes it to all the state-approved schools. So, if our tax money is already paying for every state-approved school, why shouldn\'t our children go to the school of their choice?

So, the only cost to you will be about two hours time to attend the meeting and vote. No all-day vote. No absentee ballots. Only those attending the meeting can vote - Thursday, Sept. 23, 2004, 7:30 p.m., Newbury Town Hall, Newbury Elementary School on the Common, Newbury Village.

Please be there and vote for school choice and for our children\'s future.

Jack Anderson


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