Voting On High Costs At Town Meeting

To the Editor:

Let me give you a little history on our public school system as I remember it.

When my children were in the St. Johnsbury school system, it was put to the voters that the Portland Street School and the Arlington School were outdated. A campaign was in full force for new schools. Hence, the Frank R. Adams School and the Lincoln Street Schools were born. The voters were informed that the two schools were built strong enough to add a second floor should our population increase. I want to inject right now that all four buildings are still in use. Next, we were told that for budgetary reasons it would be beneficial to combine the schools and so our present St. Johnsbury School was born. Somewhere in all this 50-plus years, a high school was built at great taxpayer expense, which was turned over to the St. Johnsbury Academy.

Over this time period the St. Johnsbury voters have poured mega money into our children’s school building. Is anyone any smarter?


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