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To the Editor:

I write this letter as a conservative father, grandfather, Vietnam era veteran and taxpayer that is sick and tired of those saying President Trump is crazy, racially prejudiced, etc. in this and other local papers. Granted, the man is not saint, yet his many accomplishments, despite constant Democrat party and their media’s blocking and harassment, are nothing short of amazing.

President Trump puts the USA and its citizens first, instead of making apologies for America and looking to the interests of unlawful immigrants, dole-collecting bums and other countries interests, all too often at the expense of the USA.

When I was young, I knew I had to get a job if I wanted to be a true adult, live independently and get job-associated medical benefits. I never considered bumming off my parents or living at home till age 26. Nor did I expect government to provide me with free medical benefits as a right, or any other benefit, unless I earned it. Trump a racist? Well, does a racist receive an award from Jesse Jackson for opening up jobs and opportunities for black people in New York City? Does his support for the 2nd chance act, which allows for the redemption of formerly habitual criminals (most of them minority), indicative of a racist? How about the actions he has taken to support the only democracy in the middle east, Israel?


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