Wake up, Santa

To the Editor:

It's time Vermont's political representatives in Washington and Montpelier and many environmentally concerned citizens and organizations stop playing Santa to out-of-state wind corporations. Well-intentioned, they have over-reacted to the very real effects of global warming and jumped on a "green glamorous" bandwagon to support ill-advised industrial wind farms without adequate forethought as to their consequences or efficacy.

Only 4 percent of Vermont's carbon footprint is from electricity, most being from heating and transportation, so wind generators have little impact.

Vermont (and New England, with the exception of off-shore sites) has among the lowest energy generation potential from wind in the USA. Does it make sense to destroy some of the last of Vermont's pristine northern forests to build inefficient, environmentally and economically destructive industrial wind farms? Why subsidize the bottom line of out-of-state industrial wind corporations with Production Energy Credits when you can more effectively reduce Vermont's carbon imprint through subsidies for better insulated housing and more fuel-efficient cars?

Let's be sincere, please. Build the towers along Lake Champlain and on Mt. Mansfield, the windiest parts of the Vermont and close to the major centers of energy consumption. This location would produce more efficient "clean" power, shorten transmission lines and further educate Vermonters that, yes, we need to do something about global warming (something efficacious).

Is Vermont to be an energy leader or, sadly, an energy laughing-stock?

Santa, wake up!

James Newell

Newark, Vt.


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