We’re All White Nationalists Now

To the Editor:

There has been a lot of sniveling in the letters to the editor lately about the rise of white nationalism. It’s a boogie man that didn’t exist and nobody was talking about until Trump ran for President. But then, Trump supposedly blew some dog whistles and activated tens of millions of sleeper racists. Everybody to the right of Karl Marx has now found themselves in the uncomfortable position of being literally Hitler.

But how did we get here? Well, long story short is that while you were sleeping, socialists spent the last several decades taking over every major institution, from the media, to Hollywood, to the Department of Education, and have brainwashed generations of young people to believe that unborn babies are just un-living clumps of cells, that homosexuality and transgenderism is something to be proud about, that big-government entitlement programs are superior to personal responsibility and genuine, voluntary charity, and that diversity is our strength.

That’s right. In just a couple of decades, whites will be a minority in this country. And we’re supposed to celebrate that. And if you don’t rejoice at the idea of third world Muslims being “resettled” into every white community across the country, if you don’t want to completely open the southern border to the hundreds of millions of Hispanics who want to reclaim this land, if actually think white people are anything other than violent, slave trading, rapist, racist, bigoted, oppressors, then you most definitely are a white nationalist. Welcome to the club!

If you’re like me, you didn’t even know you were a racist until the left told you. Here I thought all colors of people could follow Dr. King’s advice and judge people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. How wrong I was! Apparently, all white people are “institutionally racist.” And you want to know something? I think the left is correct.

At first, I bitterly fought the idea of being a racist. How dare they call me that? But they finally broke me down. I realize now that if it weren’t for entitlement programs, if it weren’t for anti-discrimination legislation, and censorship of conservatives, that we white people would absolutely out-compete the entire rest of the non-white world.

I mean think about it, our ancestry is awesome! White people circumnavigated the globe before the rest of the world commanded the wheel. White people wrote the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, and the vast body of classical literature over millennia. The art and architecture are unparalleled. The Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and nearly every major invention since the printing press is of white origin. All of these things we take for granted today, such as the harnessing of electricity, modern refrigeration, modern medicine, air travel, computers, satellite technology, space travel, and the internet, are all discoveries by white people.

I know only a teeny, tiny fraction of white Americans ever owned slaves. But I really wish they would have picked their own cotton, and never brought any Africans over to the new world. I’m really, really sad, from the bottom of my heart that they brought slaves to this part of the world. I know there wouldn’t be the racial tensions in this country today if they hadn’t. That would be nice.

Then again, if you’re paying attention to world news, you know that every white country in the world is currently being bombarded by mass migration from the non-white third world. Apparently, it’s okay that there are dozens of all black countries, dozens of all Hispanic countries, and dozens of all Muslim countries. But there cannot, under any circumstances, be any all-white countries. Not even one! In fact, even a majority white country is a problem to the left, which they are doing everything in their power to remedy.

And if you’re like me, you’re unhappy about what the left is doing to pervert and destroy our nation from within. And that makes you a white nationalist. So rejoice! We’re all white nationalists now! And we have the left to thank for helping us discover exactly who we are, but never knew! It wasn’t Donald Trump at all. It was the left who awoke my inner racist. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Seth King

Whitefield, New Hampshire


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This was supposed to be a reply to raymondvermontelnet.


What a silly comment that misses the point completely. Of course he is mainly concerned about Western European history. He is of Western European history. As if other groups are more concerned about the history of other groups. And since Western European groups are under attack like no other group, he is expressing his concerns. People like you, if of another group, you welcome attacks on us, or of Western European descent, are a traitor, are both to be feared and defeated. Which is how history has always played out. It just would have been nice if us of Western European descent had not fallen for the nonsense of racial and ethnic egalitarianism. Peoples are not, nor will they ever be the same, and be able to share the same spaces without conflict, something we once understood, and are now re-learning, maybe too late.


I second that. What an idiot.


My only comment is that this gentleman is woefully ignorant of any world history other than that of Western Europe.

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