To the Editor:

Five years ago I hit a tree at an uncontrollably fast speed. This wasn & #039;t a car accident but an on-mountain snowboarding accident that almost cost me my life. Two weeks in a coma and months of rehabilitation taught me a valuable lesson: ride in control and always wear a helmet.

Each year I visit surrounding schools, telling kids about safety on the mountain and the benefit of wearing helmets. This year I won & #039;t be in the classroom, but I want to make sure that this lesson is heard not only by the school kids, but also by the parents who are responsible for encouraging and purchasing this lifesaving equipment. While many youngsters nowadays do wear protective headgear on the often-icy slopes of Burke, invariably some are without. From speaking with these kids I have learned the most common reason for them not wearing a helmet is that their parents have not made it a priority to buy them one.

Many helmets start as low as $50 apiece. When you consider the dangers of tree-lined slopes, icy terrain and other less adept skiers, it seems like a no-brainer (if you & #039;ll excuse the pun). Our kids are our future and just as you wouldn & #039;t consider letting your son or daughter ride in a car without a seat belt, it is also unsafe to let them take a run without a helmet.

Finally, I want to give a big shout out to all the many kids that are already wearing helmets: You rock!


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