Weekend Mass Shootings

To the Editor:

Are you shocked by the mass shootings over the weekend? I’m not.

We had to know this was coming. And will come again.

Horror upon horror, week after week, month after month, year after year. We grieve, offer prayers and condolences and then most of us go back to our ordered lives and carry on as before. We comfort ourselves and each other by saying, “this was the act of one very disturbed individual.” As a nation we haven’t come to grips with how pervasive and systemic and enabled the violence is.

There have been disturbed individuals throughout our history as a nation. The difference now is the easy access to automatic assault rifles and high capacity clips allowing for mass carnage against innocent strangers.

There is NO defensible argument for the selling of high capacity weapons to the general population. Second amendment rights? Guaranteed by the Constitution? No. There were no such weapons at the time of the crafting of the Constitution. Nor do I think there was ever Constitutional intent for the Right to Bear Arms to be used in the mass slaughter of innocent citizens going about their daily lives. There is no legitimate use for assault rifles.

As a citizenry it is beyond time for us to stand up and demand a ban on such weapons. We need to lead because our elected officials have lost their moral compass, their fortitude and their vision to be able to stand up against the gun lobby. We need to show them our resolve on this issue.

We need to take action. Do your homework and find out which of our Congress people have accepted gun lobby money for their election campaigns. Find out their voting records on this issue. Then support those who endorse rational gun control: support them with your time, energy, money, your heat, your mind and your words, actions and votes.

We can’t wait any longer.

Sherri Fitch

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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