What do your politicians think of you?

To the Editor:

How can you tell when your elected politicians think you are really, really, really stupid? President Obama, in this election year, is promoting his so-called "Buffett" tax. This law would make those making over $1 million pay 30 percent in taxes. Now would that be 30 percent on all their income: paychecks, interest, investment income -- what part of their income? Who knows! Obama accuses the Republicans of not passing proposed tax. Isn't it convenient that the media and the president forget that presidents just sign (illegally) executive orders! If Obama truly wanted to tax himself and the wealthy he would just sign an executive order! Does anyone believe millionaire Congressmen want to tax themselves?

I don't want millionaires to pay more than their share. The media tells us that the top 1 percent pay something like 40 percent of all the taxes. Perhaps they should be paying 80 percent. The only fair legal tax is a Constitutional tax. The Constitution provides that everyone pay proportionally according to their wealth for the protection of our rights. All other taxes -- sales/use, real estate taxes, rooms/meals, gas/oil taxes etc. -- tax the poorer of us disproportionally.

Just look at the gas tax -- wealthy own most of the stock and we know they're getting record-breaking dividends, while Congress gives the gas and oil companies tax breaks, forgave the royalties owed to us, and actually gives the companies grants then fail to protect the environment from these very same companies. The wealthiest own the media so they control the information and most Americans have begun to believe the Constitution was written to be toilet paper.

We love our high taxes. That's why we keep reelecting the same old, same old, same old politicians that are getting wealthier at our expense.


Laura Bruckner

Waterbury Center, Vt.


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