What is happening in America today

To the Editor:

America was once a great world power, a strong nation that was founded on the word of God. Our forefathers believed in the Bible. But now the nation has turned its back on God and is paying the price. We have taken prayer out of the schools, also the Pledge of Allegiance of the flag and singing of God Bless America. We have also taking Christ out of Christmas, also the Christmas tree and now called Xmas trees, even in the White House by our president and what about Easter. Do we celebrate Easter as the resurrection of Christ or do we look to Easter as a bunny delivering chocolate covered eggs.

What about gay marriage, are we (the church) going to speak up and let our president and those in Congress and in the Senate know where we stand. God had appointed Israel to go into all the nations and teach the word of God. But Israel failed and was turned away from God. So God appointed the church, or the Gentile to preach the word to all the world. It's easy for Christians today to point a finger at the Jewish people and to discuss with one another how Israel failed. But what about the church today, are we doing any better? When you consider all the benefits the church has today. Compared to what Israel had, the church's failures appear far greater.

If one person can stop prayer in schools and also take the Pledge of Allegiance and God Bless America out of school and can stop prayers at town meetings. Can you imagine if we as the church stood up and spoke up. Or will we be like Israel and watch our nation turn its back on God.

Have we as Christians forgotten our purpose, like those of Israel. We need to speak up before it's too late. In our courts, the Bible is used each day. We place our right hand on it and swear to tell the truth. We find in God we trust on our money, and God's word on many other items in America. Many homes in America have a Bible or more. But where is it, on a shelf collecting dust, or maybe on a table, or is it being used to hold up a table, or something else, like a child seat.

When it comes down to it we may as well throw it out. For when it comes right down to it America today has forgotten what is written. Genesis Chapter 1, God made man and woman. No man and man, or woman and woman.

What is really happening in America today, think about it.

Stephen Lynch

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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