What is White Supremacy, Steve Fortin might want to know

To the Editor:

Mr. Fortin, who has previously advocated shooting migrants crossing our southern border, tells us that white power symbols are just free speech. Yes, such symbols are allowed as free speech; but does Mr. Fortin appreciate the intent of those who permanently embed such symbols on their bodies?

White Supremacy isn’t just about white people pushing back against Mr. Fortin’s bugbears: panty-waist liberals and pro-diversity kooks. White supremacy is the belief that the Caucasian race is genetically (and even divinely) superior to all other races.

So, if Mr. Fortin is himself a white supremacist, he believes he is genetically superior to Tiger Woods, Mark Cuban, Barak Obama, the Hispanic guy getting coffee in Dunkin Donuts, etc, etc. If Mr. Fortin is a white supremacist, he believes that all people of color should be “cleansed” from America; e.g. forcibly separated, and either interred in camps, “returned” to Africa or India, Honduras, China, Vietnam, etc etc, or, enslaved. If Mr. Fortin is a white supremacist, he believes that Hitler’s solution to exterminate millions of non-white, non-Christian people was a good one, and should be repeated here in our country. If he is a white supremacist, Mr. Fortin believes that all LGBTQ people, non-Christians and political enemies such as liberals and democrats should lose their rights and face imprisonment and death.

Being an atheist, I am on Mr. Fortin’s “get rid of” list. If Mr. Fortin is a white supremacist, he believes the lynching of black people should be legal. If Mr. Fortin is a white supremacist, he believes I should tolerate his desire to express his beliefs, even while those beliefs explicitly do not tolerate my right to vote, travel, marry, procreate, educate my children, work and even to breathe.


Melanie Finn

Kirby, VT


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