Where is the Patriotism?

To the Editor:

Where has all our Patriotism gone here locally, statewide and across America today? Why do we no longer open meetings with our Pledge of Allegiance to our American flag? Why do we not remove our caps and place our hand over our heart when our National Anthem is heard? Why do we not know enough to stand (if we physically can) when our colors march by in a Parade? Why do we not know the proper way to display our American flag?

I compliment all of you that do respect our American flag, do pledge of Allegiance, do remove your hats, stand and cover your hearts when our National Anthem is heard, those who stand and not sit when their colors march by in a parade and those who properly display our American flag and show respect.

All you others, there’s one word that describes your actions…. stupidity! There is no excuse. If you don’t know any better… get educated instead of remaining ignorant or brainwashed. It’s never too late to wake up Americans!

Beverly Pepin

Island Pond, Vt.


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