Who Do You Trust

To the Editor:

I would like the reader to do a quick thought experiment. Go back in time to September of 2019. Are you there? Good. Now ask yourself how much trust you have in these three institutions; the federal government, the news media, and the pharmaceutical industry. Okay, now come back to the present. What was your answer?

Well, if you were like most people back then, your trust in those institutions was very low. In fact, according to Gallup, the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry ranked the two least trusted institutions in America. https://news.gallup.com/poll/266060/big-pharma-sinks-bottom-industry-rankings.aspx

And as for the news media only 41% said they either have a fair amount or a great deal of trust, whereas 58% said they had either no trust at all or not very much. Ouch! https://news.gallup.com/poll/1663/media-use-evaluation.aspx

But then something miraculous happened. COVID! Suddenly the entire world became enthralled in everything the news media, the pharmaceutical industry, and the federal government had to say. They became the holy alliance of demigods that could not, under any circumstances, be questioned or doubted. To do so was heresy! Blasphemy! Conspiracy theory! Oh my!

Unfortunately for our authoritarian overlords, the narrative couldn’t be maintained. A pesky thing freedom of speech is, what with all its contrarian studies, high pedigree doctors and Nobel Laureates who refuse to push the jab early, jab often, jab forever message. Now we’ve got medical professionals, teachers, and even bus drivers resigning rather than obey their mandates. How could they?!

I’ll tell you how they could. Despite the never-ending fear mongering from the media, the freedom-stealing dictates from the government and the snake oil-like sales pitches from an industry profiting handsomely from all of this, there still remains a remnant of people in this world who think for themselves. There are some who actually seek out alternative opinions and try to see things from multiple angles. And in spite of all of the censorship and peer pressure, they are willing to make unpopular decisions if it means standing up for what they believe.

Quick question, are the jabs being administered inactivated vaccines, live-attenuated vaccines, or viral vector vaccines? Don’t look it up. What is the answer? Times up! If you answered any one of those options, you’d be wrong. It was a trick question. The jabs being offered now are known as nucleic acid vaccines. I asked that question only to highly a point. The point being that you don’t know squat about these vaccines. Neither do your family, friends, or neighbors. And this is public information. The proprietary trade secrets that go into the making of these vaccines is private information. Very, very few people know these details. In fact, the vast majority of virologists who opine daily on these vaccines are only regurgitating information that’s been spoon fed to them from the companies themselves. Even they are taking things on faith.

And that brings me to the crux of the issue. Who do you trust? If you’re honest with yourself you’ll admit you don’t know anything about these vaccines. Not the public information. Not the private information. You’re clueless. What we’re being told to do is put our trust in three institutions; the news media, the pharmaceutical industry, and the government. And as I’ve already highlighted earlier, with citation, the American people largely distrusted these institutions pre-COVID. So, I ask you, why should we trust these institutions post-COVID? Have lying, corrupt politicians gone to jail en mass? Has the mainstream media turned a new leaf and exposed the corruption within? Has the pharmaceutical industry put their patents into the public domain, sworn off massive profits, or made their ingredients open-source? No. None of those institutions have done anything of the sort.

Bioethics is the study of the ethical and moral implications of new biological discoveries and biomedical advances, as in the fields of genetic engineering and drug research. Bioethics is not just an academic sand-pounding exercise. It is something we can all, nay, must all participate in. The rapid pace of genetic engineering advances does not start and stop with food and vaccines. This has far reaching potential to engineer our children before conception, or endow us with superhuman bionic anatomy. Proponents of such are commonly referred to as transhumanists, which is a belief that humans should strive to transcend the physical limitations of the mind and body by technological means.

I encourage you to ask yourself if there is room enough on the planet for people who wish to live a more natural existence, free from gene-altering vaccines. And ask yourself if the institutions that have earned such a poor reputation pre-COVID are deserving of our complete trust now. I, for one, do not trust their upgrades, but instead put my trust in God. Amen.

Seth King

Whitefield. N. H.


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David King

Well Done Seth!

David King

Lyndonville, VT

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