Why can't they behave?

To the Editor:

The collapse of civility in our local government in St. Johnsbury has become the politics of ugliness.

The real lesson here is that if things can get this messy in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, then civility may not be safe here or for that matter anywhere.

Constant interruptions and shouting matches become a distressing sight, but never seems to be a surprise. These routine events instead have become an embarrassment to the town and its inhabitants.

Know your public! It matters not where they live in town, how they spell their name or what they drive for a car, if they ask a question, have a complaint or a concern, they deserve an accurate answer spoken with respect and consideration. Have we moved to an in-your-face politics?

What in fact is below the surface of incivility, is it in fact the uncertainty of a federal investigation (unintended consequences or procedural reform).

Whatever it is there seems to be no evident sense of allegiance. No one can agree on anything -- it is called just plain chaos!

Nancy Cohen

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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