Why Fly the American Flag?

To the Editor:

A flag is a country’s way of identifying itself to the rest of the world.

A flag can be a portrait of a country’s history. The US flag has 13 red and white stripes signifying the 13 original colonies, and 50 stars representing the 50 states of the USA. The red symbolizes hardiness and valor while white symbolizes purity and innocence, and the blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice.

The flag is a unifying symbol making all Americans feel they are part of a team!

“The American flag embodies the values and ideals upon which this country was founded eventhough this country has sometimes fallen short of those values and ideals. To salute the flag is not to proclaim that America can do no wrong, but to believe in its great capacity to do what’s right.” (Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe columnist, July 8, 2007).

New Hampshire has a prominent role in the formation of our Republic being the 9th state, the deciding state, to ratify the US Constitution on September 21, 1788. With that crucial vote, the Constitution became the law of the land, thus unifying the 13 independent states (former 13 original colonies) into one federated country under one law. New Hampshire’s vote did that!

I am dismayed to see our flag not flying on the flagpole in front of Lafayette Regional School in Franconia after nearly 2 weeks from the start of school. Someone should be flying the flag each day until the 6th Graders are taught to fold the flag and the other necessary procedures by which to fly the flag at that school. Future planning by the school administration would be to “groom” 5th Graders in the procedures of flying the flag, folding the flag, etc. at the end of the school year so they will be ready to fly the flag on the first day of the new school year in August when they will now be 6th Graders.

Let’s hope the administration of Lafayette Regional School will do the right thing next year by flying the flag starting on the first day of school whether it be by the principal, custodian, or the 6th Graders.

Nick De Mayo

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire


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Nick, Why don't you volunteer to teach 6th Graders how to fold it on day one of school instead of waiting two weeks and then writing a letter to the paper so you can be noted for your "patriotism". Or better yet, teach the fifth graders at the end of the school year, so they come prepared. Civic engagement means being engaged.

-Tim Egan, Grafton Dist. #2, Member - House of Representatives

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