Why I'm voting for Senator Jane Kitchel

To the Editor:

I am voting to re-elect Senator Jane Kitchel because I know that she has a track record of getting things done for those of us who live in the Caledonia/Orange Senate District. She works tirelessly for our communities. Unlike so many candidates who only come around at election time, Jane is often seen in area towns throughout the year. She attends local events, supports community activities and is always there to assist with whatever problem or need a community, a business or an individual might have. I personally have relied on Jane's knowledge and skills to help with the development of an assisted living facility project that is so badly needed here in the Bradford area.

I am constantly amazed at the many ways she helps people navigate government programs or works to solve a problem. Her efforts have helped children in foster care be adopted, assisted Seniors with health care needs, provided school breakfasts for hungry children, and even resolved a railroad crossing problem for a young couple starting up a vegetable farm. Although the Legislative Session may only last a few months, Jane is working year round for us.

The past years have seen difficult economic times. As Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Jane has received bi-partisan support and recognition from her Senate colleagues for her leadership in developing a budget that is balanced and focuses on getting on getting good value and good outcomes for Vermonters. Jane brings common sense and Yankee thrift to the budget process - qualities that I especially value.

Jane Kitchel has worked hard for us and deserves our continuing support. I hope you will join me in voting for Jane in this election.

James Barton, D.M.D.

Bradford, Vt.


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