To the Editor:

Well it is about time someone said what needed to be said. Public education is WICKED. You Seth King are right on . There is no shame to be taught good morals, good family values, and the love of God. Public education is WICKED.

Frances Lufkin

Benton, N. H.


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Eddy R. Woodchuck III

Public education has been taken over by the Globalist's whose mission is the destruction of all free societies now that they are done with using the US military and fiat monetary system to advance their agendas. Producing indoctrinated students who view freedom as dangerous and government as the solution to everything is what they do as the Globalists control government to serve them and the largest corporations in the world that they own and control. They are highly organized and devote huge sums of money into cultivating a network of federal and state officials, administrators and school boards who follow their directives. To regain freedom, people must serve on local school boards and review all curriculum and say no to all teachings/indoctrination that are anti freedom/constitution. Time for all is short for the United States and freedom if people do not take action now..

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