Wind debate is not so black-and-white

To the Editor:

I was pleased to see the Cal-Rec's coverage of two wind site tours this week and hoped to finally read an article that would enrich our community's understanding of this issue by comparing the practices of two development companies. Unfortunately, the paper completely missed this opportunity and sent one reporter out to each tour to write two different stories that gave no new insight.

Rather than endless argument over whether or not to support wind power development in the NEK, I wish we would discuss how companies like First Wind, Green Mountain Power, or Seneca Mountain Wind develop their projects. It's my understanding that the industry has widely different practices for building and managing their sites, which can lead to different kinds of impacts on the adjacent ecosystems and human communities. With answers to such questions, helpfully provided by our local papers, Vermonters could determine and choose how we want to allow and regulate the inevitable.

As a teacher I'm intentional about encouraging my middle school students to engage in deeper investigation and critical thinking about world issues, rather than a simple yes-or-no argument. I hope the adults in our community will model that level of inquiry for them.


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