Wood Biomass Vote

To the Editor:

In September the Legislature will have a vote to override the veto of Gov. Chris Sununu over the more than $20 million dollars a year in state subsidies that are given to the wood biomass industry across New Hampshire.

This upcoming vote will impact the North Country, a whole economic structure, tax base and many jobs are supported by wood biomass.

But there is more to this issue than just the jobs.

It’s about the future, it’s about the innovation in the energy field.

By their own admission to Gov. Sununu himself, members of the wood biomass industry stated they hadn’t invested in their own industry in as many years, “deferred maintenance” they said. This as the whole energy landscape in New Hampshire has changed. The examples are many: from electric deregulation to the evolving concern over carbon footprints and climate change.

It would seem that despite these state subsidies the wood biomass industry hasn’t kept, or even ignored, what has changed in New Hampshire.

Steven J. Connolly

Bethlehem, New Hampshire


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