Workforce Housing

To the Editor:

Just in time for the next election cycle Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is proposing legislation to somehow improve life in New Hampshire.

It’s called the Rural Housing Preservation Act which, “provides rural housing vouchers” and, “creates a 75% federal tax credit when the property is sold to a resident-owned cooperative.”

Vouchers and subsidized housing where does this lead?

Affordable housing is and continues to be an issue in the North Country and all across the Granite State, and it’s only getting worse just like the foundation under it. New Hampshire has lost most of it’s manufacturing base and more recently, wood biomass. These local jobs haven’t been replaced, the state economy is contracting instead of expanding. No local jobs mean no local housing.

I’d question whether this Sen. Shaheen subsidies and socialism bill will accomplish anything but to exacerbate a New Hampshire housing problem and make it much worse.

Steven J. Connolly

Bethlehem, New Hampshire


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